6 Marketing Mistakes on Twitter

Are You Making These 4 Marketing Mistakes on Twitter?

If you are like most business owners, you probably notice that your Twitter account has many active users but is not generating as much income as you would usually want. So what is the problem? In this article I will discuss with you these six common mistakes that your business should avoid in order to ensure it produces for your.

1. Am I Perpetuating the Mistakes?

I have talked about this before, however, I want to mention it again. By talking out of turn you are actually hurting your business and the mistake is that you follow other t.s. users without really knowing what they are doing. For example some of the things that most people you follow are people you don’t know particularly well but for some reason, you follow them anyway. You are not doing anything wrong, but they are following you anyway. It is a much bigger mistake to just follow all the users and actually spend no time on anyone.

2. Lead Targeting

Speaking of other people that follow you, are they going to be the ones that share the same interest that you have? My experience has taught me that you will make the most money by joining a group of people that share similar interests than just following you. So, if you see that someone is doing something that you are interested in but that person is following you, then take the time to follow him or her. This will allow you to share similar interests while your followers are gradually introduced to other people that they have interest in. To be successful, you need to look beyond the obvious.

3. More Messages

It is no secret that it is very important to remember that Twitter is a social site. Therefore one of the default settings for your account is that you only send one message to your followers. This also means that as a business owner there is a need to build better relationships with your followers than if you were just using Twitter as a social site. Followers will generally not appreciate being bombarded with information to the point where it becomes annoying. When you only send one message per day it is much easier for you to send them useful information while other people are still trying to sell them something.

4. Only One Page

This with very stems from our last point to share with you. What you need to do with your Twitter account is create a focused page. If you are dedicated to promoting your company as an affiliate, you should create a different page within your website but linked directly to Twitter. By creating this page you can optimize your message and your sales messages so that your followers are ready to follow your promotions or clicks when they see them. This also helps to brand your product or company in the mind of your followers.

Another excellent tip that I have on this subject comes from a recent article I came across. It sounds pretty simple but is extremely effective. This is a tactic that the author of “The Internet Marketing Garden” used. The person who wrote this article was not selling anything at all. They simply guess what everyone did after he had just applied a technique in his book that was yeah yeah sure it did not work, but it worked. I also applied the same techniques and guess what…they worked. The author simply states that the techniques and strategies that they use will work and he can back it up 100%.

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