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A sale typically happens when you have either the decision maker or a major influencer on the other side of the phone. But there is a lot that occurs and can occur before that stage using the most powerful marketing tool on planet earth – LinkedIn!

5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Marketing for B2B

  • Context

    On LinkedIn, your potential leads are looking for business solutions to improve the performance of the company & employees instead of looking at cute dog and cat pictures. They are in business mode here.

  • Precise Targeting

    LinkedIn offers multiple options like geography, industry, titles, experience, skills, and more. These parameter helps to reach to the right target audience.

  • Effectively Use Your Owned Data

    You have detailed data of your ideal customers. LinkedIn can help reach out more individuals and companies having very similar traits.

  • Thought Leadership and Influencer Marketing

    Create your thought leadership and professional influence on LinkedIn. Professionals look up to the leaders when they need inspiration, face difficulty, or seeking solutions.

  • Selling and Generating Leads.

    When your prospects are in business mode, it’s easier to convert them into leads and paying customers. They are most interested in the solution for their problems


Site Traffic​

Group postings drive a lot of traffic to your site using the right #’s

Sales Inquiries

Postings lead to immediate call-to-action.

Targeted Prospects

You’re only reaching out to who matters to your business

Increased Brand Visibility

Repetitive postings radically increase brand awareness

Ultimately More Revenue!!

Why do all this if not for more $$$$$$?


Hi David, Happy to connect. (Not a sales connect). We have run hundreds of high-end virtual training programs (AI, Microservices, blockchain, Azure/AWS…) for the largest IT services companies in the world (TCS, Genpact, Wipro…). Happy to broaden my network with leadership people. 

Alka Sharma

Hi David, Thanks for attending our recent webinar on how to use the latest tech trends to amplify your business. Our Enterprise Relationship Manager would love to speak with you to find out how we can be most assistance. Can we schedule a brief call?

Rishav Jaiswal

Thank you so much for accepting my request to connect! We think our recent program on AUDIENCE is perfect for the group of people you lead at COMPANY NAME. Let’s talk and we can show how WHAT WE DO has improved AREA

Vaani Gupta


1 Dedicated Resource

40 hours a week

All day long!


We  use multi-spectral modes of productivity measures to track and record every little aspects and further improvise.  

Google Analytics

Compare with historical data and factor in other promos

Daily Status Report

List of groups covered, content posted an LinkedIn views data of the posts

Regular Campaign Assessments

Daily/weekly review of posted content


This is what our clients say about us.

The Accelprox team has worked with us for the last 6 months, reducing our overheads by functioning effectively as an outsourced lead generation department. They have also proactively responded to new challenges and proposed solutions that frequently met or exceeded expectations. Happy to work with them again!

Greg Ho

Head of Commercial at Doyobi

AccelProx played an instrumental role in building our startup growth engine and getting us ready to launch our live virtual classes marketplace in the midst of the pandemic. Their professionalism and commitment to their clients is exemplary. They have now become a key strategic partner for all our BtoB lead generation campaigns and social media marketing activities and we look forward to a bright future together.

Kevin Serou

Founder and CEO at 360Wellness

AccelProx developed and revamped our old website at the time when digitization was at its peak. Not only could they deliver within stringent timelines but also with great quality assurance. The website now looks clean, aesthetic and visually more appealing, keeping my vision at paramount of interest. I’m totally satisfied with the deliverable and professional conduct of team AccelProx, would be happy to refer them for any website development or marketing activities.

Ruwan Perera

Director at BrahmaPrint

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