Our Beliefs

We believe that – Growth partnerships are essential for any business and at any stage. In the ever changing competitive world, there’s so much that a business can gain from processes, technology and services upgrades making use of the geographical advantage. The key drivers to our operating belief are that we are in the relationship building business with consumers and brands and at the end of the day, we creatively execute strategic ideas that deliver intrinsic value to the brands we serve.

A brand’s voice reflects its personality and identity. It should be consistent across all content. Tone on the other hand, can, and should, adapt according to the context of the content.

According to Kate Kiefer Lee, content curator at MailChimp, a brand’s tone should vary depending on the emotional state of readers. For example, humor on a welcome page can build likability and loyalty. But in a warning message, it can result in exactly the opposite.

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