Are You Ready to Work For Yourself?

Organisations and individuals turn a blind eye to this problem. They do not take the time to consider the possibilities. Opportunities are missed because people do not know how to access the information or they suppressed the ideas until they got married and had children. Perhaps your dream was to work in church? You realize what a mistake that was, however, you still pursue your dream. You complete your training and get a job in the church. You even wear your educator’s hat. But, you are unhappy. There is something missing now. Is your dream to work in the church? You realize that you have learned what is wrong with that particular job and you would never have that right job again. You spend your days researching, writing and compiling more of the information you need to write that report. All your research has given you a lot of leads in that area but it has also taught you a lot of things that will help you on your way.

You realize, now that you have become aware of all the things that are wrong with the job, that the only way to go to is up. A ladder has been painted on the wall but you do not use it often. Why? Well, you work on the other side of the wall. The people who job you, do not have your best interest in mind? They are more interested in filling their pockets with the money they have earned. In other words, they are not serving you; it is all about filling their bank accounts.

You finally decide to get up and go to work for yourself. A huge smile of relief spreads over your face. You are self-employed. How exciting, you say? You are going to make all kinds of money.

You walk into your office. It is your first day back to work after a long, hard day of training. You look at yourself in the mirror and you are smiling again. You know you did the best you could. You send a text to your coaches and you are off to plan meetings and training sessions for you and your staff.

A couple months go by. You and your staff have completed your annual staff survey and you are very pleased. You and your staff feel you have accomplished all your objectives for the year. You look at the yearbook and see that your expenses are far lower than you expected. You continue to send your coaching staff and you have participated in many fun outdoor sessions. In the staff calendar you are proud of the activities you have participated in and you are proud of the team you have put together.

One day, you receive a call from a representative of a large insurance company. The insurance company is having a meeting with a group of sales people about a new health plan which will cost them even more money. As you know, health plans can cost $10 a month or $200 a year. This will be a “no brainer.” So, you do what you do best…you schedule the Order.

You arrive at the meeting, and as you sit down for the interview, you realize you have no idea what the salesperson is talking about. So, you Google the speaker’s name and you find out the person’s areas of expertise. It seems to be a ” Missing link” in your resume. So you schedule another meeting, and you locate the missing link. The one you seek is the person who is the salesperson. Why, you ask? Well, there is no way to know unless you schedule another meeting. In the meantime you want to make sure you get the message across that you are the person who can provide that missing link in their sales process. You need to make that relationship clear and you need to be memorable. So, you schedule yet another meeting with the same person who was in the first meeting. And you get your message across. Also, you learn a thing or two about the person and their expertise.

Job well done. You schedule another job well done.

Hang in there. There are obstacles in your way and you still have your goal in mind.

Scrineness. The salesperson may be able to see some of your other three jobs. Maybe they see your tenacity and willpower. If they ask you why you applied for that other job you applied for, tell them you wanted to learn more about a subject matter and you wanted to develop a certain skill. This one question alone will separate the pros from the thus far non- Pros.

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