Are Your Career Strategies Working For You?

You may be a recent graduate – or just out of high school or college. You may be feeling that all is not what you dreamed it would be when you first entered the work force. You may be feeling that you can’t locate the job you want because you have too many of your own identified obstacles. In fact, you may be wishing that you could go back to school or learn a new skill. You may be feeling that you don’t have enough resources to get upper echelon management jobs because of your lack of relevant skills and knowledge. Each of these difficulties is representative of what is a much larger problem to most individuals.

You simply must make a conscious effort to identify the elements of your career that you truly enjoy. Your job satisfaction level has to be high enough that you find little temptation to leave it. Ideally, a healthy workEnjoyment Indesigned with little else to count on and rely on, is a good thing in itself. Without it, you will not be fulfilled in your chosen career. A genuinely happy person is able to accomplish what he/she wants to, when they want to and with minimum effort. Sadly, many folks are stuck in jobs that aren’t fulfilling their individual talent or are treating a job as a personal sacrifice rather than a potential career move.

The first step in un-learning the social conditioning that has targeted your success needs is to stop doing the same thing over and over again and start doing something that energizes you, something that you truly enjoy. To be successful in life, success requires a systematic approach. As a result, you will need to become an expert in something and stop doing the thing you do best by habit. Next, apply the principles of systemizing to all your pursuits whatever you are doing.

For example: Instead of making dinner for the family every night, why not set a goal of planning a family dinner on a regular basis? This is a very different activity from making dinner for your family. It is also a completely different activity from planning business meetings. However, the key requirement of the former is to gain systemization. Treat your family business meetings as system meetings. Your system should eventually make it possible to gain the same coordination benefits that made the planning of family business meetings possible.

Too many people are aimlessly working without a purpose or purpose management. The result is that time gets wasted in non-productive activities. You will definitely reach a point in life when you will need to get a system organized. Employee morale will also suffer. In other words, the more you organize your life, the more you put your time in perspective.


Getting a purpose by systemizing:

First identify your talents, skills, and abilities. Then, set an achievable objective for the activities undertaken. Based on your activities determine the necessary tasks. Create sub-goals. Based on your formulated goals, set tasks to be completed. Every accomplished task should be measurable. Note how you affect your satisfaction as well as your productivity. measure your results on a project-by-project basis. At this stage, always continue to measure and review your results. Continually review your progress. This is the only way you can improve your performance.

First define your culture:

Every organization has a certain culture. shirts, hobbies, establish what is the culture of the organization.

Every person within the organization has to be familiar with the style in which the company conducts business transactions. This is essentially made up of the dress code, grooming, and office manners. If you intend to move up in your position, you will have to acquire these characteristics.

Some organizations have a culture of interaction that is more formal and less informal. Make sure that you can adopt the style that is preferred by the group you work with.


The job interview is a dynamic event. It is not a one-way conversation. You are also interviewing yourself. This is not a one-way conversation between a candidate and an employer. The two-way professional relationship that is developing is between you and the employer.

It is important for you to recognize early on what the expectations are going to be for the job. By asking yourself this question you can better articulate your needs and expectations. When you have this clearly in your mind, you will feel more confident in your answers.

Each job description has different may aspects that are critical to success in the position. It might be a requirement that you carry certain skills and experience and be prepared to demonstrate your ability to successfully perform this role. Another aspect of this job profile is the team that you will be working with. A thorough investigation has shown that many employees often do not perform to their full potential in the team environment. The team is the blend of individuals all striving for individual success. It is critical that you can work with others regardless of differences and do not feel confined to your own race, color, sexual orientation, religion, or creed.


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