Blu-ray’s Going To Be The Next DVD in Technology

Blu-ray disc is an optical disc with a bigger capacity than the DVD. Which can store more data than the DVD. But DVD is going to be the stepping stone for Blu-ray technology. DVD is existing technology. And Blu-ray invention is just a combination of its best features.

The main reason why Microsoft does this is to protect the Windows OS from getting improved malware. The Enhanced Texture Streaming, bitstream multi-access anti-system, and other Windows OS’s are the key and driving force of the Blu-ray. And after all, no one wants to risk their operating system. That’s why Microsoft has decided to work hard on this.

But is it really safe? Marketplace sellers of the Blu-ray said that they need years of payments before they can get their hands on the complete line of Blu-ray. And then we can say that Microsoft is definitely going to benefit from this.

Let’s take a look at the numbers: -Theeller has developed a way of storing a large amount of data on a small size disc. According to the measurements of known experts of the HD DVD, a dual-layer Blu-ray disc can store more than 17 GB of data. Considering the same disc for 15 GB, it is obvious that such a development will be useful and long lasting. -The layer of the HD DVD is designed for the guys who do not like to watch movies on the computer. Or watching them on the small screen while doing other works. This is a strong resistance against the HD DVD players. So no matter how the HD DVD players are installed, this kind of disc will never be able to provide enough space. -The same disc when stacked on top of each other or pressed down on top of each other, gets the same quality data storage. -When you pop a disc into the tray, it has to wait until the top layer is completely free. -The data is stored so it can be transferred to the mainboard. -The OS which is installed in the computer also has to read and write to the disc. Without this operation, the operation of the computer is not possible.


And now we can see the advantages and the disadvantages of the Blu-ray Disc. Interest was sparked inside the people when they first heard that the Blu-ray Disc was creating such a big fuss in the market. Large movie studios and music artists are going wild with this new development. The first and foremost reason for this is the ability to store large volumes of data in it. The other reason is testing the performance of the computers and the gadget itself. The Blu-ray Disc can play HD DVD and HD DVD movies. Thousands of apps are going to be installed onto it and it supports almost all kinds of audio and video formats. Many kinds of software’s from Apple are also being applied to the disc. Testing was also able to be done on the drives of the MacBook and MacBook Air. The sound quality was analyzed. The take-up of the Apple Blu-ray Disc folio disc was compared to the other versions in the market. The data storage capacity of the Folio was 2.75 GB. The volume of the Hard Drive was 25 GB. The reason why the results were released was that the people who had tried the Apple MacBook and Apple MacBook Air were able to play full trailers and show the movie clips. The Intel HD Graphics card of the MacBook Pro was the best among these. It was able to provide the best experience for the movie fans. When the box set was shown to the people, they went wild over it.

Apple has now launched its own branded software and that is why the Blu-ray movie is now called the Mac Version. The movie is yet available but it isn’t available for everyone. The movie purchased from the Apple Store cords up even though it is not from the Apple Store. The movie has a limitation regarding the hard drive. It is possible to reach the 7 GB threshold. You need to install the software on your computer. Start by doing the following steps:

Getting the download from the Apple Store is easy. You need to go to then to “Software Update”. If you are downloading from the App Store, you need to opt for the new binary DVD Disc format.

You can see the difference in the new DVD physically. It is possible to view the movie Nottingham open thrilling movie. But you cannot view DreamWorks movies on a Mac. And we even made a reprocessor video to show the difference.

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