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How to Overcome a Damaged OST File?

Outlook users come across information corruption problems from time to time. OST files in such a situation are inaccessible in the OST file finder. Though in most cases, users can recover inbox messages, the OST file stays inaccessible and the only option left is to transfer the messages from the OST file to another server. It is therefore important to keep a backup of all the emails in the OST file else the users may get prospective data loss.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client designed by Microsoft that works perfectly as a scheduler, presentation tool, task manager, and much more. The only challenge that the users face while using this application is the recovery of emails. In case the emails are lost, the user’s only option is to transfer the messages from the local OST file to a server and that transfer recovery utility can be run to recover the lost data in Outlook.

Mostly, users can recover emails from the Local OST file but sometimes when the OST file gets corrupted, the users fail to retrieve the data and are unable to access the emails, either. There are various reasons for OST file corruption that may infect the data in Outlook. Some of the main reasons that can corrupt OST files can be:

In each of the above situations, the user requires a tool or a utility to recover the lost emails from the OST file. MS Outlook Email Recovery is one of the remarkable utilities that is designed to recover lost or damaged OST files and transfer the messages to a healthy OST file. this application can be run either from the CD or the USB and its functionality is identical to the native Outlook Inbox Repair Tool.

When you use this tool, you can Recover the emails from the local OST file. After selecting the inbox repair tool, run the application to restore the data from the OST file.

Microsoft office

This application works Similarly for both Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. It can be easily downloaded from the internet and ensures the complete recovery of OST files. You can either run this tool silently or notify the user when there is no access to the OST file. In case of failure, this application helps you to create a new OST file.

The tool is easy to use and helps you in recovering emails with high precision and reliability. This software has a native Win32 GUI shell and so can be easily installed and operated. This utility offers a detailed error logging facility and can be customized to give you the desired diagnostics and error messages. You can save the recovered emails either in the healthy OST file or in a readable format. You can preview the recovered emails in the Preview mode and can easily copy them to the healthy OST file.

This utility has got a nice 3-step process that helps in restoring the emails successfully. The emails are restored in the original order and as they were in the original order. This 3-step process relieves you from the hassles of corrupting the OST file again. All the emails get restored in the original order and as they were in the original order, so these emails can be easily accessed and read.

The emails can be previewed, copied to the healthy OST file, and previewed.

previewing the recovered emails in the Preview mode and copying the emails to the OST file.

Following completion of recovery, the emails can be previewed and copied to the OST file.

An easy-to-use and stand low you recover OST file if you have lost it accidentally or not permanently. The Crop feature helps you to select the emails to be recovered but you can also just view the emails to be recovered.

It is advisable to create a password-protected OST file to protect your emails and to avoid any confusion.

You can get the needed help easily using this software from the internet.

An email can be searched safely by using this software.

All emails received and sent can be previewed and you can also delete them from the PST file.

Viewing deleted emails can also be done by this software.

This software is a perfect tool to recover OST, PST, Ideal OST to PST converter and restores all these files in the new Outlook OST file.

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