How to Sell and Sell

I don’t care what they say, the sales process doesn’t consist of a meeting and a close of some sort. At least I’ve been told this and nothing could be further from the truth, but I’ll still say that sometimes sales activity requires that sort of decision making. Yes, there are occasions when a focus group will serve us well, whereby we can find possible solutions to a hypothesis or issue that we’re facing without having to spend time and energy to put one on ourselves and our company. But for the most part, if we want to succeed and run a successful business – which we most definitely do – we need to decide that we need to know how to sell. Now, I know what you are thinking – I’ve heard this before! You need to know how to sell or you don’t have a job, right? This is not true! There is a way to both know how to sell to understand how other people learn and make decisions to buy things. We also have something else to add to this equation: to learn how to minimize our impact on the other person’s decision-making process! We want to build a relationship with the other person so that he or she, ultimately, chooses to buy things from us!

It’s a different world today, and it’s about choice! The list of things we have to sell someone on is ever-growing as well. Everything we do demands that we can get a “yes” and people can be very fickle. The early adopters of today rely on the open, honest decision to choose. If you are a sales professional who is trying to grow your career, be sure you are learning what you must learn and never be so focused on closing your next sale that you are doomed to a sales career that is boring and not exciting, to paraphrase a recent movie.


It’s true, some of what is said here will be selling your hardest-hearted follower for a finite amount of dollars. However, in gaining essential sales skills you will reap the intangible rewards of serving. And with the blessing of the counsel of correct people, you will learn that there are many ways to build relationships and offer wise counsel to people who love to learn and who are always evolving. Part of this new arrangement, of course, lies in your ability to consistently make at least viable decisions. When you make decisions–good or bad or obvious and inevitable or perhaps neither–then people will be happier and more trusting. You will establish a wonderful level of esteem that will allow for your people to come back and invest in what they want and need and even (gasp) listen to and follow you.

“Someone once said that enthusiasm is required, but without knowledge, it makes no difference. Knowledge is the great moral substance of men; without which enthusiasm seems only to be a formality, and men will take it too lightly. Knowledge, on the other hand, opens the door for a wise and fruitful gradual enthusiasm. When we bring a subject containing many sweet nuggets of useful information, into our life, we should do it with great earnestness; we should genuinely bring it. By this I mean extending to friends, affection, every expression of our heart, that would most gladly listen to our instructions. Without this you have no right to communicate means, and your action without these ensuing benefits will neither be rewarded nor qualified and will probably be ruinous.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You cannot do a great deal without strong sales skills and quite frankly, being able to communicate the content and subject of your product or service is more essential to your selling success than anything else I will recommend. It is also the most undervalued sales skill and the key to improving your sales results.

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