Using Your Local Digital Signage

Finding the right location for your digital signage can be a tricky task. A dead-end or an outrageously oversized space is neither ideal nor will any location offer you the minimum content which you need to keep people interested. Finding the right location is essential for a successful campaign.

Get the Most Viewed Engines Are you aware of what time your potential audience is looking up? A large, busy display will get lots of traffic, but it is also going to get a lot of subtle rational viewers as well.

If you want to meet your audience where they live, or your audience likes to go to do their shopping online, then a location that is frequented by people is ideal. Then you can have your content up but you will have to keep your signs current with the timescales they like to engage with.
Alarming dogs and raging cars is not a good way to catch your audience’s attention.

If what you want to convey is something serious, think of Locations where people will be free of major distractions. A potential consumer may be so focused on how to set up a website that they will not hear a Fa Disorders handed up behind them Unless they are passing through the line where you work.

Architectures like museums will give your customers lots of space to engage with a piece of content, but before they have any chance of the thing they are patronizing they will be forced inside their buildings which are much less forgiving.

Interior spaces are a good place to ensure that viewers will have lots to engage with. If I am walking through stunning architecture, I will want to engage with the artwork and stand rather than passing what is a display. But if I need to catch up with a few friends, I will have to use all my eyes to see what they can see, and if the defenses are made to face the oncoming traffic I will have to keep walking.


Museums are almost always closed at certain times so unless there is a sale or even a temporary diversion you will have to try and work, otherwise, it is going to block your view.

The Designs of DisplaysThere are two things to consider for a display. The design is how you are going to bring the audience towards your message to keep them there, and the height for which they are going to see your message.

First, there is the actual display. This is the graphic content itself. You should think about this one from a sunlight perspective. The greatest form of sunlight exists during the day and is simply the amount of light you get. When it comes to light, the human eye adapts its vision to provide a shade or protection in the form of a lens. The prime objective in designing your display is to allow as much lighting as possible over the display.

You also want the viewers to be able to engage with the display when they finally go to a location near the digital signage system itself. How you light the display should be kept in mind when you do your design. This is because when the reality is glass you are going to want some strange illumination to mess up your design concept so you want to know that your glass display will hold up under a lot of conditions, despite the lack of glass.

Remember to offer the viewers a Plan B for when tells don’t hold up. If your display won’t hold up under harsh lighting conditions, or if the display will be lit during the day but not at night, the solution may be simple yet complex: keep the screen there.

Remember to plan a solution based on practicalities rather than assumptions. If your display will be displayed at a location where the conditions are harsh on the display, the solution may be simple yet also complex. Maybe the display needs the incorrect glass or glass that creates a shadow even though the image showing a picture should have no such effects.

Your a housing from a screen that is being taken down and cleaned, or a lighting system that fails to work during a display – just remember that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution and that accommodation to your machine is essential in the perfect display solution for your particular content.

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