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You Can Sell Broken Electronics

Have you ever thought about selling broken electronics? If you have, and you’re like me, you have considered selling broken electronics, giving yourself the freedom to buy products for a good price. I know that selling broken electronics isn’t exactly a new idea, but just Government regulations and a little bit of history have led to a different outcome. Hopefully, this article will help you decide if selling broken electronics is for you.

If you’re like me, you have probably thought about selling broken electronics. The thing is, it’s not as easy as you might think. How many of us have ever sold apart from our iPhone on eBay? And when I did, it was under $100. Apple’s iPod and iPhone parts are a much different story. These are multi-billion dollar industries, and even if you know the “how” of a broken device, it’s not worth your time to try to fix it. Besides, the people who buy your devices would rather fix them themselves.

So what are you going to get for your money? Based on how you’re using your device and what it’s doing, here’s what you’ll probably get:

1. imagining your device as a well-used tool

Right now, broken devices have no value. If you could go to the Apple Store, you probably wouldn’t get more than “cheap used” headphones. Or if you could get one of the newer devices on the market, you might get a refurbished iPod or iPhone. Selling your device is the only way to get it working, and that’s it. No one will want to buy it from you. Why? Because you’re a bad relation. If you sell your device and it doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to buy a new one. That’s just the way it is.

Also, if you don’t sell your device to a retailer, you might be able to lease it, fixing your monthly payments for the period you’re titling the device.

2. Finding a great, easy fix

Let’s say you have iPod parts lying around, and you’re not quite sure how to fix them. You could call Apple and see if they’re even aware of iPod devices. If they are, you might be able to get some parts for free or inexpensively. Or you could buy them at a discount from the original price and handle the repairs yourself. Things being equal, you should always go for the latter option.


One common reason for iPod device owners to avoid opening their devices is due to a fear of what they might find inside. Some people have an actual fear of damaging their devices. If your iPod is undamaged, all you need to do is to take it to a professional to fix it. If your device is damaged and you can get it repaired, consider it to be a favor to yourself. Better repair means you won’t lose any more money, and if you go to a professional, you are sure to get the best repair at the cheapest price.

3. Let’s say you have iPhone parts that you need, and you can’t be without your current phone, what do you do with your old phone?

One great way to use up your old phone is to trade it in for a new one. Most people find that this is the best option for them. They acquire new phones and can then trade their old phones in for credit card deals or something else that can add to their monthly income. Another great way to dispose of your device is to give it to a family member or individual who will use their old phone to stay in touch with you.

4. Can I still buy the latest models on their websites?

Yes, you can, but you have to be very careful. One of the problems with the newest models of cell phones is that they are not cheap. It is not uncommon for the price of a new phone to be hundreds of dollars less than the price of the phone that you are selling. If you try to sell old phones before you learn how to fix them, you can end up getting ripped off. It is smart to check out your phone’s user manual before attempting to fix it.

If your phone is still working but you are running out of space you can expand your phone’s memory. This is done by inserting a SIM card from a different phone. Be warned that if your phone is sold overseas and the SIM card is not compatible, you might face a huge amount of money in fees.

5. How are external batteries different than SIM cards?

One way that phones are powered is by a battery. A battery is great for phones because it allows the phone to keep charging even while it is not connected to a phone line. Recently, phones are being powered by batteries. If a battery is not charged, the phone will not be able to use this device.

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