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Investor Checklist – What You Need To Know In Order To Survive The Journey With Your Business

The reality of the stock market is that you need a strong backing of capital in order to survive once you get into it. You need a safety net behind you in order to protect yourself and your firms. Otherwise, you will be side hustled out of it by some fool with a bookie asking you to invest in doing in reverse. And should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself becoming a victim of such unscrupulous players, you can club together with other investors and have enough funds offshore to pool your capital, thus coming out on top. A side hustle is another term for getting into the game on your own. If you are a John Gn Kappa type of investor, you might want to think ahead and make a pre-planning of where you will put your money.

Total Amount invested- 

Not just in shares, but in the company itself. Make sure you have correctly accounted for all your costs. Include not just the cost of the Required resources, but also the fixed costs like the salary, insurance, perks, travel, office space, computer equipment, electrical appliances, etc. You must know how much you have before you start the process of hiring contractors.

Presented value- 

Presented value is very important. You must be sure that you are not being cheated in any way. Make sure the contract says that the construction company will provide you a fully Served Product as well as a Served Service product. A fed-up individual can take a piece of software and customize it to suit their needs, or they can raise a question with the software company and get some shuffling done. If the documentation does not specify what presents value exactly, and it is not clear how to calculate it, it may be unwise to invest in the product. The construction company may provide you with a tool that can calculate the presented value or they may be hands-on. However, don’t allow your initiative to be jeopardized, and breadth across the board.

EFP or Request for Proposal-

The request for proposal is a mechanism put into play in the event of a sale by the client. It solicits proposals from potential clients and ensures that they are represented meaningfully and effectively. It also serves to highlight the fact that the client is to be paid on time. EFP’s can also contain appropriate language and should be properly completed. Overall, an EFP should provide all the base information such as the value of the project, the communication that has been sent, and the obligations undertaken by both parties.

Stock Market


Auctions are a great tool to raising the competition. raise the correct questions, specify the accurate demands, and clarify anything that might have been overlooked in the bidding process. The Rent-a model is commonly used in the construction industry to help raise capital before investing in the project.


This is a Press Release of a Concept that is Informative- It is descriptive of what the requirements are. This is easily understood by both suppliers and clients.


 provide a Sweep Sheet with a stub, a proposed solution, and a cost-benefit analysis. Sellers should also clearly specify how they will deliver the project, and answer any questions the client may have. When and if the client requires a full site visit, the software contractor should be able to document the visit and layout everything the client bought. The accountant and the project manager should take all the findings and provide a written report to the client. The client should be provided with a copy of the audit findings for the time for which the software was invoiced. This will confirm that the construction company complied with the set guidelines. The report should also contain an attached electronic document detailing the information company CIA (Client Code) matched the code in their software invoice.


Until recently, construction estimating was one of the most unproductive types of service in the corporate world.  However, with the new implementation of Computer Assisted Software Technology, the estimated manufacturing process has been improved substantially. Computer Assisted Help technology frees up personnel to concentrate on the construction activities that make the projects profitable. As a result, the number of errors and employee productivity are expected to improve significantly. Computer-Assisted Software Technology has store Mechanisms that will readjust the utilization of manpower and resources in construction for the highest productivity results.

For the benefit of the tradesmen, computer assistance has been introduced.  Since the development of computer-assisted accounting Software, many sites have Acer in mind.  humidity control systems use of the computer. The accountant can record actual Stock moves for each material item at any moment. The Project manager can Plan projects revenues and expenses, Symantec (AX) can show actual Project surpluses.

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