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Search Engine Optimization – The Number 1 Internet Marketing Tool That Generates Brand Leverage

One of the most significant things that you need to do when it comes to Internet marketing is search engine optimization. If you want to be able to drive as much traffic to your website as possible, you want to be sure that your website shows up inside the top ranked listings of the popular search engines. Being able to achieve this is not an exact science since algorithms and the way engines determine rankings change from time to time but an ongoing strategy is something that you need to develop.

The current process of optimizing your website to gain higher rankings can be broken down into a few steps:

1.Keyword research. You need to make sure that the keywords that you are targeting are going to help to create the most amount of traffic for you. You can use Google Insights (available on the right hand side bar of the search results) to help you find out how much traffic a particular keyword is getting as well as some alternative keywords that it could be good for your marketing strategy.

2.Create new content on your website. The search engines need to be able to read and analyze the content on your website so that they can get a Feel for how valuable and relevant your content is. Also make sure that you are providing links to the videos (anonyms for the audio) and other content on your website.

3.Make sure that your “Title” tags include the keyword that you are trying to target as the first word in the title. This seems to be weighted more often than you would think, the bottom line is that if your keyword is included in the title of the webpage then it is probably a good idea to use the keyword in the title.

4.The meta keyword tags should include the keywords that you are trying to target as well, again, the bottom line is that if these are well used in the webpage then it is probably a good idea to include the keyword in the Meta Keywords tag (although you will never know for sure as the search engine algorithms are ever changing).

5.Using Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, and so on) will help to catch the attention of the search engines; also utilize bolding to help with the rankings.

6.Utilize anchor links within the webpage, pay attention to the anchor text of the links and the keywords that are linked to the anchor text. Include the keywords in the anchor text.

7.Make use of internal links. In other words, internal links means linking to pages on your website that contain some relevance to each other; i.e. website A links to website B; website B links to website C; and so on. The more pages that are linked across your website, the more the search engines will love your website and give you higher rankings.

8.Make your website a valuable resource for your target market. Include numerous pages of free helpful information that will help the potential customers and visitors in your list. This will eventually lead to more traffic coming to your website and hopefully more sales.

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9.If possible and if it is not possible, share your links via social media networks. For instance, you might link from your Facebook page to your YouTube page, then also from your Twitter to your LinkedIn page, and so on. This is a natural way of doing it, and you would be surprised at how quickly it can bring new visitors to your website.

10.Make sure that the links to your website are not on single page. The reason for this is that search engines would think that they are all the same since the links are all the same. Instead, look for various websites that cater to your individual needs.

11.When doing your website, optimize it for the search engine spiders. This includes keeping your file names as descriptive as possible, including good headers, descriptive content, and keeping the structure of the site very clear and simple. This will help the search engine spiders navigate your site, and will help your website get ranked higher on the search engine results page.

12.It is important to know that many websites would like to have as many visitors as possible, and the most efficient way to achieve this is by having a large number of backlinks directing the visitors to their site. For instance, if your site sells clothing, you will need to create a link to all your other sites that sells clothing. These links will represent paths that the search engine spiders will use to go to your website and help you get ranked higher.

13.Use images, video, and audio on your site.Images, especially faces and vehicles are most likely to get a better ranking than plain text. Use the appropriate filenames for images and select a descriptive filenames for your images (not linking or keyword-stuffed).

14.Search engines cannot read Flash or graphics. But you can!

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